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The Gamete Indeterminacy (Chapter 4)

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3
 Amy runs into an old friend at the doctor's office.
Rated: T (possible M)
Author's notes: This is a small chapter to tie you guys over.  Thanks so much for your enthusiasm about the story.  For those who have asked for spoilers, I am more than happy to provide them to anyone who a) is a member of LiveJournal or b) who provides me with their email address.  I will not be able to provide spoilers to those who log in using Open ID or anon posters.  Additionally, I give mad props to my beta In the dark.  Follow the Son.  I heart feedback.  Whew!  Ok, I'm done.


“Amy?” Penny squealed.

"Hello Penny," Amy said.

“What in the hell are you doing in Pasadena?” Penny asked.

Penny’s face went white. “Don’t tell me you’re pregnant.”

No, no, no,” Amy insisted. A mammogram.”

“Oh, yeah… of course” Amy scrambled for an excuse, “but, the um… the beach blondes with ample bosom that swarm all over that freakishly beautiful city make such a doctor’s visit considerably more intimidating.” Both woman looked down at Penny’s chest, neither missing the irony of the situation.

“I can imagine,” she said.

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