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The Picnic (Chapter 6 -- Part 1)

The Picnic (Chapter 6)
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Author's note: I  know I've taken such a long time with an update, and for that I APOLOGIZE!  There was a part that I was wresting with, and I haven't had time to work through it.  But, there's a little left to this story and it'll be coming in the next few days.  Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, here's a little more of the story. 

David had noticed years ago that the temperature of the weather and the density of the freeway traffic were directly proportional to how ripe the body in the back of the van was. His most recent “client” had lied motionless in the nursing home for hours before it dawned on anyone that he was even dead. Add the next four hours of trying to reach the family and the additional couple of hours before the family could decide where to send him (all of this time unrefrigerated, mind you) and David was practically transporting compost.
Except this guy smelled even worse. He must have taken a postmortem dump on the way.

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