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The Gamete Indeterminacy (Chapter 2)

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Author's notes: As the Shamy kicks into high-gear on the show, I hope there is still a place for this story.  We'll see... 


Leonard looked at the assembled group scattered around the table; there was a time that they had been like this, together, all the time, but the increasing demands caused by their changing lives meant that evenings like this one happened less and less often.  But, tonight was a special occasion—a time for festivity and a return to form, of sorts.

Leonard stood up, tapping loudly on the side of his wine glass.  “I would like to propose a toast,” he announced.  Now that the meal was all but done, the once lively conversation had simmered to a muted chatter and eyelids were drooping with drink and fatigue.  But at Leonard’s beckoning, everyone came to attention, and Bernadette and Howard smiled at each other. They held hands, their faces marked with keen anticipation.

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